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Helping Hands

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please see the email below from the Squamish Helping Hands Society.  They have received a generous donation from Whistler/Blackcomb and are seeking feedback from parents regarding how to best reach out to students in need.  Please take a moment to read their message and complete the survey.  Your feedback will be appreciated.


Nick Pascuzzi



Hello Howe Sound Secondary,

Helping Hands has recently received a generous grant from Whistler / Blackcomb towards our free school lunch program and we are looking to improve on both the nutritional content and accessibility.  The new lunches will include higher quality sandwiches, fruit and granola bars along with cut veggies w/ dip and milk.

We would also like to cast our net wider as we believe that there are more families out there who struggle to make ends meet with the rising cost of living in Squamish.  If families can eliminate the cost of buying lunch foods that extra money could be used to supplement bills or other groceries for the week.  We are looking for ways to reduce the stigma around accepting the lunches.  Some possible ideas around this are opening up the program to all the kids in the school and letting parents choose if they want to pay / donate for the lunches or accept them for free.  Another idea is the possibility of creating a lunch club with activities using volunteers either from the PAC or from our volunteers list to create activities and have food available a la carte at the  lunch club for anyone to enjoy.

At this point these are all just ideas and we need to hear from the schools and the parents as to what they think might work.  We have created a (very short!) survey to help collect the information needed to assess the need. 

This survey is completely anonymous and will be sent out to every school in the district.  Could you please forward this on to the parents at your school to help us make sure no child is being left out!

Thank you

Amy Reid

Caseworker/ Manager

Squamish Helping Hands Society

Post Secondary Powerpoint

Hello parents of Grade 12 Students. Below you will find a link to our Post Secondary Powerpoint. If you have any questions, please contact our school counselors Ms. McCormick or Ms. Cunneyworth.



HSS Information Update for Parents of Grade 12 Students – Reminder

Dear Parents and Guardians of Grade 12 Students,

This message is just a reminder that our school is hosting an information session for Grade 12 students and their parents this  Thursday, October 6th at 6:30pm in our gymnasium (Room B 105).

 At this session our school counsellors, Ms. McCormick and Ms. Cunneyworth, will be reviewing important information on the following topics:

 1) Grad Transitions

2) Procedures for Applying to Post-Secondary Institutions

3) Scholarships – What’s Available and How to Apply for Them

 This session will be very important for parents who may wish to assist their child make informed decisions regarding post-secondary education.

 ***Following this presentation we will be hosting our first parent meeting for Dry Grad 2016.  This meeting will be held at 7:30pm in our school library to discuss initial plans for this year’s Dry Grad social event.


Nick Pascuzzi


Principal’s Message September 12, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

It has been a very busy and productive week at Howe Sound Secondary.  First semester classes are settling nicely and student learning is focused and purposeful.

Please note the following reminders/updates regarding next week:

 1)      We are hosting an information session for parents of students new to our school on Tuesday, September 13th at 6:00 pm in our school library.  Parents of Grade 10 students as well as parents of any new Grade 11 or 12 students are invited to hear from school administration and counselling staff about what to expect from the coming year at HSS.  This is a highly informative presentation with time devoted to answering any questions parents may have.

 2)      Following this meeting our school will be hosting the Annual General Meeting of our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) at 7:00 pm.  This meeting will also be held in our school library and all parents are invited to attend.  At this meeting we will be electing our PAC Executive, and parents will be provided with updates on a number of topics including:

 a.      The New Grade 10-12 Ministry Curriculum (Draft)

b.      Extra-Curricular Opportunities

c.       Upcoming School Events

 3)      We will be implementing our automated call back system as of Monday, September 12th.  This system sends an automated voice message to parents when their child is absent from class without prior notification from their parent.  The voice messages are programmed to go out between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm each day.  Please call the office during school hours or the attendance line after hours to let us know if your child is to be excused from one or more periods.

 4)   We will be mailing a magnetic Howe Sound Secondary School Calendar to all families next week.  This magnetic calendar lists key dates in our school year including special school events, Pro-D days, non-instructional days and holidays.

 Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the information outlined above.  I can be reached via return email or at 604 892-5261 ext. 105.



 Nick Pascuzzi


Howe Sound Secondary

Principal’s Message – August 17

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Our August Newsletter is now posted on our school website.  This newsletter outlines pertinent information for you and your child regarding school start up as well as general protocols and procedures for the school year.  You will also be receiving a hard copy of this newsletter in a mail out to all families next week.  This mail out will contain additional information including FIPPA documents for signature (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act), your child’s student verification form, as well as a magnetic school calendar.

Please click here to go directly to our August Newsletter.



Nick Pascuzzi


Principal’s Message – August Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer with family.  All students should have received by mail their course schedule for the 2016-17 school year. Please note that our school counselors will be seeing students the week of August 29th to September 2nd.  As of 9:00 am August 22nd, students will be able to book an appointment online with one of our counselors.

The website to book an appointment will be:

Further details regarding school start up will be communicated to parents in the later part of August.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at if you have questions or concerns at this time.



Nick Pascuzzi


Principal’s Message – July 1

Dear Parents and Guardians,

You may be aware of the elevated lead level that was detected in the schools in Kitimat as well as the low pH of Pemberton’s water that is reacting with plumbing fittings and fixtures to produce elevated levels of lead in the drinking water.

School District No. 48 (Sea to Sky) took immediate action in our Pemberton area schools to ensure that safe drinking water was provided to students and staff in the schools.  We also undertook water testing in all the schools in the District to determine if there were any concerns with the drinking water quality.

A short time later, Vancouver Coastal Health’s School Health Officer sent a memo recommending “that all School Districts in the Coastal Rural region (Sunshine Coast, Powell River, Sea to Sky, Bella Bella and Bella Coola) commence daily flushing of all water lines in all of the schools.”  We have taken this action and have used the same processes we implemented in Pemberton and brought them to all schools in the District.

The water testing confirmed that the lead level in the drinking water post-flush is well below the maximum acceptable concentration levels determined by Canadian Drinking Water Standards.

The School District will be installing filtered water bottle filling stations in all schools and will be decommissioning the water fountains that are currently in use.  Students will be able to use the filling stations to refill their water bottles more easily than they have in the past with the water fountains.

We are confident that the new water stations will allow us to continue to provide a healthy learning environment for all students and staff.



Nick Pascuzzi



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