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G-Suite Resources

Parent Update on G-mail Use

Student G-mail Use Update April 6, 2020

SD48 Google Read & Write Work Shop

Student Video Tutorials

Why Use Google Read & Write?

  1. Logging into Google Chrome on a Chromebook at school (video)
    • must use sd48 account
    • ex: Frank Smith, student # 234311
      • account:
  2. Read & Write with Google Docs (video)
  3. Read & Write on the Web (video)
  4. Using Talk & Type (video)
    • converts your speaking voice to text – it types for you!
  5. Highlighting and Collecting Highlights (video)
    • will highlight your notes and collect them into a google doc
  6. Using Translate (video)
    • will translate single words into a number of languages
  7. Using the Dictionary (video)
    • will provide with word and picture definitions of vocabulary
    • try the translate, dictionary and picture dictionary with this CBC website
  8. Logging into Google Chrome on a Desktop at Home (video)
    • for now Google Read & Write is disabled on all school desktops and laptops not including Chromebooks and newly re-imaged carts or labs (Mr. Verbeek’s lab for example has been re-imaged for google extensions).  It will take time for this re-imaging to occur.  The SD48 tech department is working as hard as they can to make this happen.   This video will work for any of the re-imaged PC’s at your school. The only difference is that students will not be required to enter a password when at school.

Google Drive Help: Click on the link for all kinds of help with google drive.





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