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Prom 2019

The countdown is on for the Prom 2019 event for students of Howe Sound Secondary and Sea to Sky Learning Connections that will be held on Saturday, June 15, 2019.

HSS Prom 2019 Theme: This year’s theme is “Enchanted Forest”. Thank you to everyone who voted.

Prom Baggage Check: The Prom Baggage check will be at Brennan Park on Thursday, June 13 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm immediately following the commencement rehearsal. This check is for everything you will need during the prom event: You will only be allowed your phone (no bags/purses etc.) when going through the security check to get onto the buses to be driven to the event. All items that you will need for the evening of Saturday, June 15 must be checked during the baggage check on Thursday at Brennan Park. We will secure the bags and bring them to the prom venue for your use. As bags are checked, they will be tagged with your name so you can access them easily during prom. Example of items that will be accepted in the baggage check include change of clothes, comfortable footwear, makeup. Any medications must be checked in on Thursday in a prescription-labelled container. No more than one dose of the medication will be permitted.

We will have toiletries available in both washrooms for the Grads use during the event (ex. hairspray, deodorant, feminine products, bobby pins, band-aids, stain remover etc). A complete list of the toiletries available will be posted at the baggage check. If you have any concerns about a specific item you will need at prom, please email us:

Prom Table Seating Requests: You can email your seating requests to Seating requests can be for any number of people to a maximum of eight per table. We cannot guarantee that the seating will be as requested but we will try our best. Only grads who have paid in full can submit seating requests.

 Parent Volunteer Registration Forms: All parent volunteers must complete their Criminal Records check. Links to complete online are available on our FaceBook page: HSS prom 2019. Contact the prom committee by email with any questions or concerns.

Current Fundraisers: 

 Nesters Gift Cards:  Please buy Nesters Cards from us! Our grads receive 10% of all cards sold. We will be selling them directly through our prom committee members and parent volunteers. Shop local and support your grads. Email us for more information.

Grad Bottle Depot Account:  Drop off your empties into our GRAD account #386

Bottle Drive Prom Fundraisers:  There will be a grad bottle drive on Saturday, June 1 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the bottle depot. Please contact Lisa Seatle at if you are able to help on this day. If there are bottles or cans in your area that need to be picked up prior to this day, please contact Lisa.

Neufeld Farms Frozen Foods Prom Fundraiser:  This is one of the last large fundraisers for prom. Items will arrive just in time for BBQ season. Order forms are available in the office or online on the HSS Prom Facebook page. Please sell to your family/friends and neighbours. Orders are due by Thursday, June 6, and pick-up is Wednesday, June 19, at 5:00 pm.

Please continue to participate in the various fundraisers. These funds are helping to pay for the activities/games on the night of prom and prizes for the grads, as well as going straight back to the grads that participate after all costs are covered.

Stay tuned to our FaceBook page: HSS Prom 2019 for updates

Any questions or concerns please email us at

Thank you!

2019 Prom Committee

How you can reach us and stay up to date:

  • Email:
  • Facebook: Parents’ Facebook page: HSSPROM2019
  • Students’ Facebook page: HSSGRAD2019
  • Review the daily announcements or head to the prom board in the MPR to see all pertinent information.

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