Howe Sound Secondary School – SD 48 (Sea To Sky)

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Staff Contacts


Pascuzzi, N.
Vice Principals
Blaikie, A.
Hartling, C.
Teaching Staff
Boisvert, N.
Booth, F.
Borsoff, E. (Sea to Sky Online)
Carter, B. (Sea to Sky Online)
Cormack, K.
Cunneyworth, C.
Demers, P.
Dunn, S.
Duttchen, C.
Fay, D.
Fox, T.
Flynn, L
Geller, D
Gregr, D.
Harwood, J.
Jakob, S.
Jones, E.
Katramadakis, A.
Lafreniere, H.
Lafreniere, M.
Leslie, J.
McCormick, G.
McJannet, K.
Price, S.
Quiring, A.
Roblin, M.
Schenk, V.
St-Pierre, M.
Sutherland, J.
Taylor, G.
Timms, S.
Walker, C.
Way, K.
Makitalo, L
Stanger, J
Watson, M
Career Programs
Daguerre, R
Education Assistants
Addis, B
Rogers, M
Weyes, J
First Nations Support Workers
Lewis, C
Hamill, J
Jakobsen, N
Jarvis, M
Miorin, M
Machaelk, D
Vroom, Y





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