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Helping Hands

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please see the email below from the Squamish Helping Hands Society.  They have received a generous donation from Whistler/Blackcomb and are seeking feedback from parents regarding how to best reach out to students in need.  Please take a moment to read their message and complete the survey.  Your feedback will be appreciated.


Nick Pascuzzi



Hello Howe Sound Secondary,

Helping Hands has recently received a generous grant from Whistler / Blackcomb towards our free school lunch program and we are looking to improve on both the nutritional content and accessibility.  The new lunches will include higher quality sandwiches, fruit and granola bars along with cut veggies w/ dip and milk.

We would also like to cast our net wider as we believe that there are more families out there who struggle to make ends meet with the rising cost of living in Squamish.  If families can eliminate the cost of buying lunch foods that extra money could be used to supplement bills or other groceries for the week.  We are looking for ways to reduce the stigma around accepting the lunches.  Some possible ideas around this are opening up the program to all the kids in the school and letting parents choose if they want to pay / donate for the lunches or accept them for free.  Another idea is the possibility of creating a lunch club with activities using volunteers either from the PAC or from our volunteers list to create activities and have food available a la carte at the  lunch club for anyone to enjoy.

At this point these are all just ideas and we need to hear from the schools and the parents as to what they think might work.  We have created a (very short!) survey to help collect the information needed to assess the need. 

This survey is completely anonymous and will be sent out to every school in the district.  Could you please forward this on to the parents at your school to help us make sure no child is being left out!

Thank you

Amy Reid

Caseworker/ Manager

Squamish Helping Hands Society

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