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Principal’s Message – January 11

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It has been brought to my attention by our School Liaison Officer that a number of our students are jaywalking across Cleveland Avenue to get to and from Squamish Station Mall during our school lunch break. This can be a particularly dangerous roadway to cross given the high volume of traffic flow throughout the day.

RCMP have noted several instances of drivers having to take evasive measures to avoid students illegally crossing this busy roadway. We will be communicating this particular safety concern to our student body and advising them that RCMP will begin issuing tickets for jaywalking which constitute a fine of $100.00.

Please reinforce with your child to be mindful of crossing Cleveland Avenue at designated pedestrian crossings only. Your child’s safety is of utmost concern to our school and your support with this matter is greatly appreciated.



Nick Pascuzzi


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